Relax In My “Soothing Vanilla Sweet Rose” Warm Milk Bath Recipe.

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After a very rough day, I like to turn on my tv and watch Netflix. Netflix has been one of my guilty pleasures in ridding myself of a hectic day. It was a quick escape from reality that efficiently lowered my stress levels. It’s always nice to pamper yourself and temporary indulge in its benefits but Netflix is just one of my solutions. I wanted more than just quality solitude. I wanted to relax! My body was yearning for a warm or hot milk bath. This is it, all my troubles and worries are now drowning in a fresh milk bath. I’m going to share my “Soothing Vanilla Sweet Rose” milk bath recipe that guarantees further relaxation and exfoliation of the mind and body. Now, you can have a skinsational private spa in your home! Just sit back and relax.

What is a milk bath?

A milk bath is simply a bath that substitutes water for milk. It’s scented with honey, roses, chamomiles, jasmines, coconut, lavender, oatmeal, and essential oils. The possibilities are unlimited! A milk bath not only leaves your skin soft but supple. The lactic acid provides more of a gentle cleanser and softener. The milk hydrates the skin and prevents dryness. Furthermore, the ingredients in milk such as the fats and proteins provide nutrients to your skin. Similarly, raw milk consists of rich antioxidants, calcium, alpha hydroxy acids (commonly used in skin care products), and vitamin B.

Are milk baths safe?

Milk baths are very safe! Most people use them without any complications. and it’s great for pregnancy days.

What type of milk could be used in a milk bath?

Traditionally, people use regular cow’s milk but you can use goat, soy or almond milk. Almond milk in bath or any other substitutes aren’t uncommon. Preferably, I use powdered milk but all are beneficial to the skin. Here are the steps and ingredients to making the bath milk of your dreams.

What You’ll Need

1-2 cups

1-2 tbsp

5-7 drops

5-7 drops

1/4 cup

1 cup

1/2 cup

1 cup


In a medium mixing bowl, lightly whisk the milk, baking soda, Epsom and sea salt. Then add the honey to the mix. Continue to mix until the products are thoroughly blended. Now, add the organic dried rose petals (or any herbs) to the bowl. Finally, add the vanilla essential oil. I recommend vanilla but you can substitute it for cedarwood or lavender. Any essential oil(s) will do! Seal the mixture in an airtight glass and store.

Does warm/hot milk bath help relieve your stress?


Review: Ps… Golden Galaxy Metallic Peel Off Mask

Korean Golden Galaxy Peel Mask
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There are tons of gold facial masks on the market that has antibacterial properties and stimulates collagen production in the skin. As I was shopping, I saw a Korean “Ps… Golden Galaxy Peel of Mask” product that not only delivers the same benefits but also contains vitamin c, ginseng, and bergamot.

The benefits of each ingredient

Vitamin C is great for the skin! It will give you a more firm and plumped appearance. It also decreases wrinkles or fine-lines resulting in younger-looking skin. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties also fade dark spots, repair and replace damaged skin cells. This ingredient should be the main focus of those who suffer from hyperpigmentation or melasma.

Ginseng is also very beneficial to the skin. It is known as an anti-aging ingredient because of the phytonutrients which help tone and brighten skin.

Another powerful component to this face mask is bergamot. Bergamot is a hybrid citrus between a lemon and an orange. Furthermore, because of it’s antiseptic and antibiotic properties it can easily remove bacteria from the skin. Vitamin C, Ginseng and Bergamot are key ingredients for clearing unwanted acne scars, discoloration, and blemishes.

Where to buy?

You can buy “PS… Golden Galaxy Metallic Peel Off Mask” at Primark for just $2.50 USD! Another great similar product is “First Botany Cosmeceuticals Cleopatra Gold Series 24 K Gold Mask” 8.8 oz /250 g which is for $18. For additional information on products that diminish dark spots you can read “My Hyperpigmentation Facial Night Routine” and for more Korean face masks check out, “Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables“. This particular beauty line offers solutions for redness, bad acne, loose/saggy, sensitive skin and more!

When and how do I apply the face mask?

After removing my makeup, I apply a decent layer to the face avoiding the eyes, eyebrows and mouth area. The consistency of this product is very thick and can be messy so be careful. I leave the mask on my face for 15 minutes and gently peel. Once the mask is completely off my face, I wash away any excess using warm water. Below is a pic of “Ps… Golden Galaxy Metallic Peel Off Mask”, once dried and peeled from the face.

Korean Golden Galaxy Peel Mask
Photo by: Most Likely Reese

I realized after this treatment my face was not only smooth but firm. I was pleased with the results and continued the process by applying my night cream and finished with a mist of rose water on my face. This product is worth trying!

Review: Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables Korean Face Mask

Bombee Fruitables
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A friend of mine bought me these awesome Asian beauty masks! “Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables” helps with any problems such as discoloration, redness, bad acne, loose/saggy, sensitive skin, relieves stress and more! This Korean lifting and firming mask line deliver quick results. Each mask contains 5 squeezed complex extracts of either fruits and vegetables. I am so grateful for this gift because it truly soothes, helps and vitalizes my skin.

The benefits of face mask sheets:

There are many benefits that beauty masks offer to the skin such as decreasing impurities, creating moisture, evening skin tones and delivering nutrients back to the skin. It’s great for all shades such as fair skin to dark skin. The Bombee Fruitables line includes outstanding benefits for each product. My favorite is “Papa Recipe Fruitables Yellow Squeeze Brightening Mask“. I suffer from hyperpigmentation due to being exposed to UV light caused by the sun. This particular one helps to brighten the skin and fade discoloration marks. It includes yuja, mango, pineapple, loquat, and ginger which all naturally brightens dull skin tone. For more information on other products that treat dark spots, you can read “My Hyperpigmentation Facial Night Routine”.

Where to buy Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables masks?

Tony Moly
Photo by: Most Likely Reese

If you’re in the New York district, you can go to Tony Moly or BesFren Beauty. You can also buy a pack of 10 sheets on Amazon for just $20 which is a huge bargain!

When and how I apply the face mask?

After spending time with friends on the weekends I like to go home and just relax. First, I prepare for a milk bath, then I unfold and apply “Papa Recipe Fruitables Yellow Squeeze Brightening Mask” and relax in the tub. It’s a quick and easy method that leaves the skin supple. I leave the mask on my face for 30 minutes. Once removed, I lightly mist my face with rose water. This Korean face mask dried pretty quickly and didn’t leave any sticky or rough residue. Every Saturday night, this spa treatment helps to relieve stress, purifies the skin, and efficiently relaxes the mind, body, and soul.

I was extremely impressed with Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitable mask sheets! It certainly exceeded my expectations and I continued to use this method as my weekend night routine. I will definitely buy more from this line! You too can have these amazing results, give it a try!

My Hyperpigmentation Facial Night Routine

Here’s How to Prep Your Skincare Routine For Colder Weather, According to Dermatologists
Photo by: Dr. Kenneth M Reed

After a long day from work, it’s time for me to get a meal, relax and watch the latest Netflix shows or movies. Hours went by and now it’s 10pm. Before heading to bed, I like to make sure that my skin is properly washed and ready for the night. However, my night regime isn’t so simple. Ever since I was young, my complexion wasn’t even. I would get dark pigmentation around and under the eyes which were difficult to remove. There are many causes of hyperpigmentation and for me, it was U-V light. The neglect of sunblock at such a young age drastically affected my appearance. I was told constantly by my parents to use sunblock yet I was rebellious.

After tons of research, I found out that products containing vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are best to treat discoloration. They help to alleviate dry skin, reduce wrinkles, even the skin tone and treat Ultraviolet (U-V) damaged skin.

How do I start my facial night routine?

First, I would remove my makeup then use “Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water” for the residue. This product always leaves my skin soft and refreshed. I then use my “Sephora Rose mask” which brightens and delivers moisture to the skin. It’s great for blemishes, dryness and of course an uneven complexion. I let this product sit on my face for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. My routine doesn’t end there! To continue the process of clearing up the hyperpigmentation, I lightly mist my face with “Mario Badescu’s Skin Care Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs And Rosewater”. This product has done wonders for me, even on its own!! Once my face is dry, I use “Advanced Clinical Vitamin C serum” and gently rub onto the problem areas. I then spray “Andalou Naturals Clementine + C Illuminating Toner”. To seal the deal, I use “Sephora Instant Moisture” cream then head to bed.

When I wake up, my face feels brand new! After a period of time, the discoloration started to fade and this night skincare regime was here to stay! This method is safer and better than using bleaching creams because it only targets the discoloration spots. Furthermore, my hyperpigmentation was no longer noticeable to friends and family. Most importantly, I no longer needed a lot of makeup to hide this issue!

Which products helped to clear your hyperpigmentation?

Eczema Treatment For The Hands and Body

i don't get paid enough.
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When I was young, my skin flare up but now it’s my hands. My hands would develop boil-like symptoms which become uncontrollable when you’re trying not to itch. At first, I thought it was heat rash but due to research, it was eczema. I knew two things, I had really bad eczema that was caused by excessive hand-washing and a very heated environment. It felt as if my life was over. I have eczema, but is there a cure?

Sigh, I looked for every product on the market to find a cure for this sudden eczema breakout. I even tried Shea Butter but it would leave an oily residue on everything I touched. The search was finally over! I came across a great product that relieves itching and treats eczema. Aveeno Active Naturals’ Eczema Therapy was my knight in shining armor! This product’s price varies from $8 – $20.

The moisturizer’s texture was like vaseline and was safe for daily use. My temporary relief of having cold water run on my hands to stop the itching was no more! After a while, I saw a dramatic change with my hands. The scars/discoloration caused by eczema finally cleared up. After using this product, I concluded that eczema on African American skin was no different and the product rid the skin of eczema. It’s safe to say that this product works for all! To avoid a huge eczema breakout, I tried to stop excessively washing my hands and made sure my environment(s) were cool or comfortable to my liking. Even though this product works for me, you should do additional research in case you might be allergic to any ingredients.

However, for those looking for a truly organic, natural and thrifty method you can use these 2 ingredients to stop the itch and heal it. Coconut oil is not only natural but gentle for the skin. The effects of coconut oil are beyond outstanding! It is commonly found in local health food stores and online. You can apply 2-3 teaspoons daily to the eczema spots. Another ingredient is turmeric. Tumeric has continuously been used to treat skin conditions. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Simply, mix the turmeric powder with water and apply to the skin. This method will help cleanse the patchy eczema spots.

In conclusion, there are solutions to alleviating and healing chronic or dyshidrotic eczema and quickly treating this issue will prevent it from spreading. Eczema on dark skin or any shades can dramatically affect the appearance but don’t stress! These products will most certainly deliver a quick and efficient fix!

What is the rose water ingredient good for?

Photo by: Gemma Jones

What is rose water?

Rose water is water infused or scented with rose petals which can be used as a perfume, culinary or even medicinal purposes. It’s even great for the hair and skin! I constantly add rose water to my everyday use and see immediate results.

What’s special about rose water? 

It has anti-inflammatory properties! As you continue to read this post, you’ll realize there’s more to rose water than just a setting spray.

Where to buy rose water?

You can buy pure rose water at your local organic/beauty store(s) or online. They usually range from $4 – $15 depending on the ingredients. I highly recommend Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater ($5 – $7), Heritage Store’s Rose Petals Rosewater Facial Toner ($6 – $11) which is the best organic rose water or Pure Rose Water Facial Toner by Poppy Austin that’s vegan and cruelty-free.

However, for those who want to save money, you can easily purchase organic dried rose petals on Amazon for $5 – $15. I use these roses for my rose water. You may be thinking, “How is this a cheap alternative?”. You buy a pack of dried rose petals. Therefore you’re stretching the amount which can last for an entire year or two. Additionally, you can add essential oils or any other ingredients. The disadvantage with buying store-bought ready-made rose water is that it may quickly need to be restocked. Also, you must be watchful of the ingredients in the product. You may be allergic to them.

How to make rose water?

After you buy the organic dried rose petals, bring water in a pot to a boil then add the number of rose petals to your liking. Just remember, the more rose petals you add, the greater the benefits. Let the water infused rose petals cool off, strain then enjoy! In addition, you can add essential oils to the mix. Tada, you have organic rose water! Organic rose water for face is great for clearing acne and discoloration.

Below is a list of benefits and uses of rosewater:


In conclusion, rose water can be used in many ways such as a toner, setting spray and more! It’s a miracle product that is good for the hair, skin and immune system. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this ingredient!