Relax In My “Soothing Vanilla Sweet Rose” Warm Milk Bath Recipe.

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After a very rough day, I like to turn on my tv and watch Netflix. Netflix has been one of my guilty pleasures in ridding myself of a hectic day. It was a quick escape from reality that efficiently lowered my stress levels. It’s always nice to pamper yourself and temporary indulge in its benefits but Netflix is just one of my solutions. I wanted more than just quality solitude. I wanted to relax! My body was yearning for a warm or hot milk bath. This is it, all my troubles and worries are now drowning in a fresh milk bath. I’m going to share my “Soothing Vanilla Sweet Rose” milk bath recipe that guarantees further relaxation and exfoliation of the mind and body. Now, you can have a skinsational private spa in your home! Just sit back and relax.

What is a milk bath?

A milk bath is simply a bath that substitutes water for milk. It’s scented with honey, roses, chamomiles, jasmines, coconut, lavender, oatmeal, and essential oils. The possibilities are unlimited! A milk bath not only leaves your skin soft but supple. The lactic acid provides more of a gentle cleanser and softener. The milk hydrates the skin and prevents dryness. Furthermore, the ingredients in milk such as the fats and proteins provide nutrients to your skin. Similarly, raw milk consists of rich antioxidants, calcium, alpha hydroxy acids (commonly used in skin care products), and vitamin B.

Are milk baths safe?

Milk baths are very safe! Most people use them without any complications. and it’s great for pregnancy days.

What type of milk could be used in a milk bath?

Traditionally, people use regular cow’s milk but you can use goat, soy or almond milk. Almond milk in bath or any other substitutes aren’t uncommon. Preferably, I use powdered milk but all are beneficial to the skin. Here are the steps and ingredients to making the bath milk of your dreams.

What You’ll Need

1-2 cups

1-2 tbsp

5-7 drops

5-7 drops

1/4 cup

1 cup

1/2 cup

1 cup


In a medium mixing bowl, lightly whisk the milk, baking soda, Epsom and sea salt. Then add the honey to the mix. Continue to mix until the products are thoroughly blended. Now, add the organic dried rose petals (or any herbs) to the bowl. Finally, add the vanilla essential oil. I recommend vanilla but you can substitute it for cedarwood or lavender. Any essential oil(s) will do! Seal the mixture in an airtight glass and store.

Does warm/hot milk bath help relieve your stress?


My Caffeinated Hair Rinse

Rice Water Mixture
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Sometimes my curls aren’t defined or my hair sheds more than usual. After tons of research, I discovered that my hair lacked protein. Protein treatments such as a rinse or deep conditioning are mandatory for those with natural hair. It helps the hair to become strong, luscious and decrease shedding. A quick yet long term fix is my caffeinated hair rinse. This mixture consists of grounded coffee beans, rice water, and peppermint oil.

Benefits of each ingredient:

Coffee helps the hair to be strengthened from within. When applied to the hair it is absorbed through the follicles making it instantly soft and shiny. Additionally, it can help to exfoliate the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

Rice water has tons of benefits. Rice water is basically fermented rice that’s been sitting in water. It contains 16% of protein and is very effective in DIY protein treatments. Furthermore, it has vitamins B, C, E, and minerals. Rice water is used to strengthen the hair, smooth the cuticle, add sheen, increase hair elasticity which makes the hair strong and flexible.

Peppermint oil increases blood circulation that improves hair growth and prevents some hair loss. Not only does peppermint oil smells good but leaves the scalp refreshed and sensationally stimulated.


Rice (can use any type of rice, preferably organic)

Peppermint oil/ peppermint tea bags (I use “Artizen Peppermint Essential Oil” which is only $8.99 USD)

Grounded Coffee beans (For this treatment I use instant “Starbucks Medium Roast” coffee packets for $5.34 USD)

How to make this caffeinated protein rinse?

First, I use 1 half cup of organic rice and place it into a bowl. I add some water to the bowl to remove the debris from the rice. I then drain the rice and put it into a medium size jar. I squeeze 3-4 drops of peppermint oil and pour a cup of water into the jar. I add 1 coffee instant packet into the mixture and tightly seal the jar. The peppermint oil helps the fermented rice water to smell pleasant and also great in aiding damaged hair. The jar will sit in a lukewarm area for 2-3 days before use. After the process, I strain the rice then boil the mixture on low for 5-7 minutes to stop the fermentation. Once it’s cooled, I pour the caffeinated rice water into a spray bottle or an oil applicator and store in the fridge.

Caffeinated Rice Water
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When to use this protein rinse?

After I use shampoo and conditioner I apply this mixture to my scalp and down my strands. I let my hair marinate with this mixture under a heated cap for a 1hr before rinsing out with warm water. My curls are not only defined but soft. Once my hair is dry, I continue with my natural hair routine such as adding moisturizers, creams, and oils to my hair. I do this treatment bi-weekly to avoid protein overload. If you stick to this routine, you’ll see positive results with your hair. There will be less shedding and more growth!

20 Best Products and Tips for Hair-Growth

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There are many methods in stimulating or improving hair growth. Did you know that the average person loses about 50 to 100 hair stands per day? But don’t worry, this is normal! The hair goes through a cycle in which our hair follicles grow, rest and eventually falls out. Although losing strands of hair is normal, excessive hair shedding may be a problem.

Here are ways you can stimulate or improve your hair growth:

  1. Drink lots of water. Water not only hydrates the body but helps regulate the circulatory system. This process helps feed the hair follicles which stimulates hair growth but be mindful of the amount of water you’re consuming. 
  2. Biotin. Biotin not only helps with hair growth but it can encourage your nails to grow. It comes in a tablet ($8 – $18) or liquid ($10 – $25) form and can be mixed into smoothies.
  3. Brush your hair. It can stimulate the follicles and remove shed hair. Remember, too much of a good thing isn’t good. Try to refrain from too much brushing.
  4. Use castor oil. Castor oil is rich in Omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E. It is very thick so use to your liking. You can leave it in your hair or rinse out after 30 to 45 minutes on the scalp. Jamaican Castor Oil ($5 – $10) or Home Health’s Castor Oil ($5 – $18) are great products!
  5. Eggs. Eggs are great to use in a hair mask. They’re a great source of protein!
  6. Essential oils. Essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood stimulate growth. You can add it to your hair mask, conditioner or even shampoo.
  7. Cayenne Pepper. Yes, this isn’t a typo. Cayenne pepper/oil not only brings a tingling sensation to scalp but it can help with hair loss.
  8. Rice Water. The amino acids in rice water help to regenerate the hair which results in faster hair growth. It contains vitamins B, C, and E. Must be rinsed out of hair after 20 minutes on the scalp. 
  9. Coconut Milk. Coconut milk contains nutrients for healthy hair and promotes hair growth.
  10. Apple Cider Vinegar. This product can aid hair loss and can be used as a substitute for shampoo. You can use Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar ($4 – $7).
  11. Green Tea. Stimulates hair growth, decreases hair loss and shedding.
  12. Zhou Nutrition Hairfluence. This is a nutrition-packed pill supplement that contains biotin, bamboo extract, folate, vitamins C, B12, and A, keratin, and collagen. Zhou Nutrition Hairfluence ($19 – $ 24) is a must buy!
  13. OGX Biotin & Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner. These two products consist of B7 biotin, collagen, and hydrolyzed wheat proteins. OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo or Conditioner‘s price varies between ($6 – $12) depending if you want one of them or a pack.
  14.  Scissors. Yes, scissors are your friends. Trimming your split ends will help your hair to grow faster. 
  15.  Deep treatment. Deep treatments can bring moisture back to your hair and assist in hair loss, or other problem areas.
  16.  Say no to cotton pillowcases. Cotton is known to snag hairs. You can buy a silk or satin pillow ($8 – $25).
  17.  Wrap hair with satin or silk scarf.  Satin, silk or silk-like fabric is best for a headscarf and ($5 – $12) will maintain moisture in your hair.
  18.  Avoid heat styling tools. Always use a heat protectant when applying heat styling tools to your hair but be mindful, too much heat isn’t good for the hair.
  19.  Avoid chemicals. Chemicals such as sulfates, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol alcohol, polyethylene glycol will make your hair brittle and prone to breakage.
  20.  Healthy Diet. Most importantly, maintaining or having a healthy diet will show positive and drastic changes in your hair and energy.



In conclusion, these natural hair tips are beneficial to all hair types and lengths. Hair by nature takes a while to reach the length that we desire and properly maintaining your hair will heavily improve it. Just enjoy the journey!

Eczema Treatment For The Hands and Body

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When I was young, my skin flare up but now it’s my hands. My hands would develop boil-like symptoms which become uncontrollable when you’re trying not to itch. At first, I thought it was heat rash but due to research, it was eczema. I knew two things, I had really bad eczema that was caused by excessive hand-washing and a very heated environment. It felt as if my life was over. I have eczema, but is there a cure?

Sigh, I looked for every product on the market to find a cure for this sudden eczema breakout. I even tried Shea Butter but it would leave an oily residue on everything I touched. The search was finally over! I came across a great product that relieves itching and treats eczema. Aveeno Active Naturals’ Eczema Therapy was my knight in shining armor! This product’s price varies from $8 – $20.

The moisturizer’s texture was like vaseline and was safe for daily use. My temporary relief of having cold water run on my hands to stop the itching was no more! After a while, I saw a dramatic change with my hands. The scars/discoloration caused by eczema finally cleared up. After using this product, I concluded that eczema on African American skin was no different and the product rid the skin of eczema. It’s safe to say that this product works for all! To avoid a huge eczema breakout, I tried to stop excessively washing my hands and made sure my environment(s) were cool or comfortable to my liking. Even though this product works for me, you should do additional research in case you might be allergic to any ingredients.

However, for those looking for a truly organic, natural and thrifty method you can use these 2 ingredients to stop the itch and heal it. Coconut oil is not only natural but gentle for the skin. The effects of coconut oil are beyond outstanding! It is commonly found in local health food stores and online. You can apply 2-3 teaspoons daily to the eczema spots. Another ingredient is turmeric. Tumeric has continuously been used to treat skin conditions. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Simply, mix the turmeric powder with water and apply to the skin. This method will help cleanse the patchy eczema spots.

In conclusion, there are solutions to alleviating and healing chronic or dyshidrotic eczema and quickly treating this issue will prevent it from spreading. Eczema on dark skin or any shades can dramatically affect the appearance but don’t stress! These products will most certainly deliver a quick and efficient fix!

Is natural hair hard to manage?

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What were the lessons you learned during your hair journey?

Personally, understanding your hair type and porosity level is important. It encouraged me to discover products that accommodated my natural hair. My hair is 3c/4a with a medium porosity which means it’s kinky curly and it can easily absorb product. I’ve been natural for more than 4 years and it was a journey! I bleached the ends of my hair but due to the lack of care, it slowly broke off. My bleached ends were stringy and begging to be cut. I had to start all over again by removing the damaged ends but I wasn’t too upset! Furthermore, bleaching natural hair should be taken very seriously. Make sure you go to a professional! Try to maintain moisture and pay attention to your hair’s health! After this stage of my life, my mane improved and continued to thrive.

But it worked for Youtubers…

Don’t listen to YouTubers who claim you must buy a specific product(s) or try methods for your hair to flourish. I would buy countless products from Youtube natural girls and hope for the same results. Remember, videos are edited in ways the contributor wants us to perceive them. Also, they could have the same hair type but different porosity, density or other hair attributes. Do what’s best for your hair! You’ll know what it likes when you start to see positive changes!

The key to a healthy natural hair journey is PATIENCE.

What can I do to help my hair?

You can take vitamins or use different oils to speed the process but realistically hair growth takes time. The article, “Sealants vs Moisturizing Oils” explain the difference between these oils and how to apply them! Shockingly, your hair goes through many stages for just 0.5 inches of new growth per month. Try distracting yourself with hobbies or work and eventually, you’ll be astonished by the results.

Another key is low-manipulation but maximum hydration. Always make sure your hair is moisturized and stay away from tension-based hairstyles such as a high ponytail or tightly braided hair. Additionally, you can wear twists or comfortably loose braids under a wig for length retention. Just make sure that your mane is still moisturized!

Maybe length isn’t your goal. You love short hair! To rock natural haircuts doesn’t make you less important than those who focused more on length retention. Haircuts for natural hair are just as easy to manage! There are styles for short natural haircuts that consist of twist/braid-outs, shingling, taper cut, finger-waves, finger-coils and more! Go ahead, flaunt your naturally curly haircut!

The natural hair movement embraces all! Here’s an article to help maintain your hair’s health. The article is called, “20 Best Products and Tips For Hair-Growth“. It’s a great read for people with short natural hair to those rocking long natural curly hair. The article goes into great detail as to why each product or method works for our mane.

In conclusion, hair creams, oil(s) of your choice and a light spritz are your friends! Remember to be patient, low manipulate your natural hair and drink lots of water! Have a happy and carefree natural hair journey! Natural hair isn’t hard to manage if you know what you’re doing!

How do you manage your natural hair?