Best Traditional Japanese Ramen Near Me

Photos by: Most Likely Reese

My friend and I went to a beautiful, cozy Japanese restaurant called, “Misoya”. It is located in New York City on 129 2nd ave. Misoya is a great place to visit with friends or a significant other. The staff is very friendly and the food is beyond delicious! Once we entered the door we were quickly greeted, seated and offered menus. There are tons of cuisine to try whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a full meal. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and lively music. Misoya is the perfect place to not only escape the cold but to try something new. The menu was filled with many foods and drinks such as hijiki (homemade simmered seaweed), gyoza (homemade pork dumpling), sake and more! My friend ordered, “Mame Miso Ramen” which contains beans, dark-colored miso, beef with fried breaded shrimp. I ordered, “Kome Miso Spicy” which includes half of a boiled egg, corn, beautifully sliced pork, potatoes and beef marinated in a broth. The dishes were affordable and ranged from $11- $15. We were very pleased with our meals and made plans to visit again.

Where do you like to go for ramen?

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